Purchase Order Plus
Xero add on software

Create, Approve, and Send Purchase Orders on any Device.

Purchase Orders on the go
anywhere, anytime

Create, approve, and send purchase Orders on a mobile device

Purchase Orders Plus software User Access

User Access

Allow your employees access to purchase orders without having to give them a Xero login

Control Cashflow

Control Cashflow

Manage cashflows by using a purchase order approval workflow. Set purchasing limits for staff.

Purchase Order Plus Reporting


Generate reports on purchase orders, including outstanding purchase orders

Xero Integration

Xero Integration

Syncs with Xero accounting software including all supplier information, items, and tracking

The Problem

Organisations using Xero are unable to create purchase orders
using the Xero mobile application and have no ability to set creation
and approval controls for purchase orders. Solve these limitations
by using Purchase Order Plus.

Our Features


Mobile Application

Mobile Application

Purchase orders Plus is a mobile and web based application that enables purchases orders to be created and approved using a mobile device. The App is available on both IOS and Android.

Xero Integration

Xero Integration

Integrates well with Xero using the Xero customer & supplier information, that keeps purchase orders as a separate function, so your employees don’t need Xero access.

Purchase Order Approcal

Purchase Order Approval

Setup users who can generate purchase orders. Then setup approvers to approve purchase orders.

More to Come

More to Come

Additional functionality will also be
developed. Tell us what your organisation needs – complete the survey and let us know what to build. You can also send us an email here, and sign up to the mailing list and to stay up to date.

How it works

Users connect their Xero organisation to the application. Additional users are setup and invites are sent to their email address. Users can be set up as requestors, approvers or both
Employees can submit purchase orders using the web application or on their mobile devices
Approvers can either approve or reject a submitted purchase order
Purchase order plus integrates with Xero, so all your data is synced with your Xero file in real time