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Features coming soon


Match purchase order to Invoice:
Match and file purchase orders against incoming invoices. One purchase order can be applied to multiple invoices while an order is being filled.


Approval Workflows:
Control your organisations spending. Set your own organisations purchase order approval workflow. Have managers approving purchase orders if the total dollar amount is above a set limit, or restrict what employees can write purchase orders for. Approvers are notified that a purchase order has been submitted for approval either via the application, or an email. Purchase orders can also be approved automatically if the set criteria is met.


Audit Trail:
Fraud prevention as audit trails of the complete transaction are attached to purchase orders including requester and approver details.


The ability to mark a purchase order request as standard or urgent. An urgent PO requests will be emailed to all approvers immediately.


Track to Budget:
Input your budget and an awaiting purchase order will identify if the request is within budget, or out of budget, before an approver makes a decision.


Customised reporting by adding company logos, outstanding purchase orders, voided purchase orders, and comparison to budget. Financial commitments made by the business in the form of unfilled purchase orders can be reported in real time. A complete history of all your purchase orders in one place.


Email Notifications:
Daily email notifications of purchase orders requiring approval sent to approvers.


Customise Your Purchase Orders:
You will be able to embed customised supplier terms into purchase orders to ensure that their suppliers are aware of the your trading terms. No more confusion over terms and conditions.