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What is Purchase Order Plus

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What is Purchase Order Plus (POP)?

Purchase Order Plus is Purchase Order software that integrates with Xero. It allows users to create and approve purchase orders on a mobile device. Users have visibility of how many purchase orders are outstanding, and how much money has been spent. The software enables users to better manage and control the purchase function of a business.

Purchase Order Software Dashboard



You can assign a user as a requester, an approver or both. Users of Purchase Order Plus do not need access to your Xero account. Requestors can create purchase orders and submit for approval. Approvers can approve purchase orders. Approval workflows can be customise to allow for auto approval if criteria (such as dollar amount and tracking code) are met. Once a purchase order is approved, it can be emailed to a suppler through the software. If the purchase order is urgent, the requester can mark the request as urgent, and an email will immediately be sent to the approver. Approvers receive a daily summary of outstanding requests for approval. They can login and approve through a web browser, or on a mobile device.

Purchase Order Software Send Email

Send Email

Xero Addon

Purchase Order Plus connects to Xero and downloads all your contacts, account codes, tax rates, tracking catagories and items.  Any changes in purchase order plus get updated in Xero.


Purchase Order Software Xero Integration

Xero Integration

Creating a Purchase Order

Entering a purchase order is simple using the Purchase Order Software.  Its looks and feels just like Xero. Start typying a contact and the software will search existing contacts from Xero. All your items from Xero are also imported. Simply start typing, and the software will search for your items.

Purchase Order Software Create PO

Create PO

Purchase Order Software Development

The Purchase Order Software is currently under development, and will be launching soon. Enter your email address here to stay up to date with progress. Let us know what features are important to you, take our survey here. You can also contact us directly on


Founder – Purchase Order Plus

Why Purchase Order Plus

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Why Purchase Order Plus?

Why Purchase Order Plus

Why Purchase Order Plus? After struggling to find a Xero add-on that can control, delegate, and report on purchase orders, I decided to build one – Purchase Order Plus.

The Problem

As a busy finance manager, I needed greater visibility and control over the business expenditure. I wanted no surprises when the invoices came in and were loaded at the start of the month. I’m responsible for the finance team in an organisation with 15 people with a delegated authority to purchase on behalf of the business across 7 different profit centres. We were using a paper based purchase order system that was slow, cumbersome, and prone to errors.

“As a busy finance manager, I needed greater visibility and control over the business expenditure.”

I needed a digital purchase order system, one that was electronic, and could be accessed on a mobile device. The purchasing in the business is delegated to multiple staff members. Each has their own budget to control, and we all needed greater visibility of business expenditure.  The paper based system we were using created more admin from staff having to write, scan then file paper purchase orders.

The search begins

We run our business on Xero. For those who don’t know, Xero is accounting software that’s in the cloud, accessed through a web browser. Its cost effective, easy to use, and has a marketplace full of “add-on” that provide additional functionality, such as payroll, inventory tracking, reporting the list goes on. Unfortunately, Xero does not have the functionality to delegate purchase order creation to users on a mobile device.

“Unfortunately, Xero does not have the functionality to delegate purchase order creation to users on a mobile device.”

I investigated several add-ons that would manage the purchase order system. Each had its strengths, weaknesses and limitations. None of the solutions could achieve what the business required.

The Lightbulb Moment

With nothing on the market that suited the requirements, I decided to research building a Xero add on for Purchase Orders. I had no idea what it would take or if it was feasible. I talked to a number of tech founders at a conference I attended. This reinforced my thinking that Purchase Order Plus needed to be built. The more I looked into this, the more I came to the comclusion that we were not the only company that needed this software, and other business were facing the same challenges.

The Solution

That’s where Purchase Order Plus was born. I wanted to create an electronic Purchase Order system that integrated with Xero. The staff needed to create a purchase order on their mobile devices quickly and easily. This would enable real time reporting of what staff were spending using functional dashboards.

“That’s where Purchase Order Plus was born.”


The advantage of having an online system that integrates with Xero are:

  • Staff members can complete and manage purchase orders without needing to have access to the accounting platform
  • Data such as suppliers and customers are integrated between the purchase order system and the accounting system reducing duplicate work
  • “Items” (pre-set good or services purchased) from Xero can be imported
  • Xero tracking categories such as cost centers can be used
  • Actual expenditure can be compared with budget
  • Full purchase order history is retained & can be searched and analysed for audit purposes.
  • Reports can be run on purchase order data, such as who is requesting purchase orders, the amount requested and for what items
  • Purchase orders can be matched to more than one invoice while orders are filled
  • Outstanding commitments are known at any time in the form of unfilled purchase orders
  • Delegate purchase order creation to staff and keep purchasing within budgets.
  • Purchase orders are attached to invoices as a separate document ensuring a thorough audit trail of the transaction

The software is currently in the development phase and is expected to launch towards the end of this year. You can send through your feedback on the software. Send a message and let us know what you think by contacting us.



Founder – Purchase Order Plus